surrounded by glowsticks I might add.


I just woke up hungover at 1.30am.

The sign of half a good night at least.


My sitting here and filling my favourite tumbler glass with fresh whiskey upon each emptying of the glass is not helping my current predicament.


I’m so devastatingly drunk

but there’s a person chatting to me about political shit on facebook and I have to at least pretend i’m sober enough to acknowledge her social housing woes till tomorrow morning. 


I also really really missed drinking. I’ve never really felt happy unless i’ve been drinking. (DANGEROUS LIFE AVENUE CLAXON) but like it is great craic. My only bro’s 28 tomorrow (today) and he’s great, but like, I only really do well with fol;ks (in a sexy sexy way) if I’m steaming. Maybe i’m just better craic then. People are better craic when io’m drunk. Maybe they feel the same about me too when i’m drunk. I’ve also been suited up all day. It was probably the suit.


like, how can someone be a milf and yet be younger than me?

When did I get so old and professional?




Belfast office emails you asking if they’ve spelt your name wrong.

You reply to them correcting their earlier mistake.

They acknowledge your reply and in the process spell your name wrong.


I have successfully decided on my three photos!! :D
Only problem is I look totally different in every single one…


I also have a seriously lack of photos of myself with this most recent haircut. Other than selfies, but that shit ain’t professional. Unless it is these days. Obama is at it I suppose…

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