A recent trend on RTE (Irish TV) chat shows - random audience members turning to stare into the cameras during audience cut-aways.

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Did the Brits give us Timezones?

It’s been that long now that I can’t even remember if they did or not.


I’m not Scottish. I have never been Scottish and never will be Scottish.

Scottish Independence is literally the only thing (of interest) in the news here in the North of Ireland at the minute and I’ve come to the guilty conclusion that I really don’t want Scotland to become an Independent country.

Obviously it’s up to the Scots, and rightly so, if they get Independence I’d be fupping delighted for them, but speaking as native of Northern Ireland, we’d be even more fucked if the Scots left the UK.

Ignoring the huggggge economic fuckpot it would leave the North in, there’s also bound to be a serious backlash here between Nationalists, Unionists, Republicans and Loyalists. 

So in a sense, Scottish Independence would be a bad thing for me personally.

How have I, a Gaeilge speaking Irish Nationalist, become a Unionist?


I’ve spent too many years studying the intricacies of local government to adequately enjoy ‘Parks and Recreation’.


Irish Problems



Going on to an Irish person’s blog trying to figure out if you know them, and not actually being sure if you do or not because all Irish people look the same.

Irish life.

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dromlaa said: i actually know a fair few people!

Awk like, so do I, that’s the worst bit. They’re all fupping lovely people too it just makes so little sense to me.


or  Spanish solicitors I suppose.


Okay, I know this is highly hypocritically coming from me, the Irish Language and History student but WHO THE FUCK does SPANISH AND LAW  at university!?!??!

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